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About us

Established in April of 2005, Keystone Design, Inc. was a machine design company that had one client that supplied assembly equipment for the Automotive Interior Industry.

In 2006 we transitioned from a 2D to a 3D design company using SolidWorks as our design tool.  We quickly developed modeling procedures for our designs which allowed us to have multiple designers work on the same projects without the headaches of dealing with individual designer modeling techniques.

Prior to the 2008 recession of the automotive industry we reached out and obtained new clients in the Appliance and Medical Industries.  Because of our diversification and use of modern day internet tools we were able to achieve steady growth through out the United States.

As we continue to grow every new member to our team brings their own personal experience which adds value to our clients beginning with the first project and continues onto the next.  We train new team members so they understand the entire machine development process starting with proposal and ending with our client’s customer running the production of the equipment we designed.