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Build Phase

Define the Finish

Keystone Design begins with the end in mind.  We design equipment for the ease of manufacture, commercial item purchase, assembly and customer runoff. It’s this End In Mind philosophy in design that sets us apart from other design firms.

Design Matters

We understand that design is the smallest of project budgets and we know how to affect the larger budgets in a positive way. Our cost saving strategies, and attention to budget processes conserve resources for a successful build phase of your project.

We Understand

We lower our clients risk through our process whether it’s ensuring ample assembly clearance, designing equipment that floats and adjusts when needed and  through our detail prints for manufacture. Our designs work and go together optimally every time.

Paint a clear picture

We use SolidWorks for the ease of view creation which allows us to give very clear defined assembly drawings.  This allows your builder the ability to start assembly and know what the final product will look like when he is complete.