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Design Phase

Our size and capacity allow for quicker turn around through the design phase allowing our clients to move to their build phase more quickly. Our large team approach allows assignment of stations to individual teams for quicker turn around on multi station projects.

Experience Matters

With our years of experience Keystone is an invaluable resource due to our extensive project exposure to a variety of applications and industries.  We understand what the final product needs to do to perform and we bring to the table ideas that work ensuring success before we even begin the heavy lifting of design. That means a successful final product for you and your customer and a smooth experience getting you to and through design phase more quickly.

Pulling from the Past

Working with our extensive part file library of commercial components we have experience in implementing in a variety of applications. Keystone reduces design and detail turnaround time. And in many projects saving time is the difference in success and failure of a project. We know this is a high priority for our clients so we tap into our extensive library of proven components to put them to work for you.


Keystones thorough process reduces last minute changes and eliminates additions on your assembly floor saving you time, and money; while providing you insurance against errors to your customers. Through a written sequence of operation and a deep understanding of mechanical design, controls, pneumatics, ergonomics, cycle time, and assembly; we understand what the final product needs to do to perform.

Lower your cost and risks

Using our years of experience, and our unique four phases to a project, design, detail, check and validation. Keystone is able to increase speed to turn around, lower client risk through our accurate designs, and lower costs throughout the clients build and implementation phases of their projects.

Design as manufactured and assembled

We use the power of SolidWorks to create machines as an integrator would on their floor.  What this means is we model as you would machine and assemble as you would assemble.  Our modeling techniques are always done for the ease of future design changes and our assembly techniques simulate your assembly process.  This eliminates the need for rework of manufactured details during your assembly process.