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Eight Station Dial Machine

The purpose of this machine is to fill a washing machine balance ring with water

Key components used:

  • Weiss Indexer
  • SMC pneumatic cylinders
  • Service Engineering Feeder bowl
  • Dukane Ultrasonic Weld
  • Honeywell load cell
  • Telesis Laser Marker

Simplified Sequence of Operation:

Sta. 1 Auto orients and loads Ring (Not shown)
Sta. 2 Dispense water into ring
Sta. 3 Raise Rings off dial nesting and weigh to verify volume
Sta. 4 Pick and Place plug to Ring
Sta. 5 Ultrasonic weld
Sta. 6 Ultrasonic weld
Sta. 7 Leak test and laser mark
Sta. 8 Auto unload (Not shown)

Eight Station Dial Machine