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Grip Assist Assembly Cell

The purpose of this machine is to automatically assemble vehicle Grip Assist

Key components used:

  • Bosch palletized conveyor
  • Dorner belt conveyor part storage/unload
  • Motoman Robot
  • Sankyo Indexer
  • SMC pneumatic cylinders and slide assemblies
  • Hiwin profile rails
  • Custom design cam assembly motions

System Description:

Sta. 1 – Load Grips – Robot unloads grip from tray stacker/destacker to pick and place unit that locates part on waiting empty pallet.

Sta. 2 – Load Cushions – Cushions are fed from gravity chutes to indexer which presents the cushion to the pivot pin install press. Pick and place removes cushion from indexer and places it into grip.

Sta. 3 – Seat Pin – pivot pin is pressed into grip.

Sta. 4 – Load Spring and Damper – Springs and dampers are fed from gravity chutes to pick and place units to install them into cushion.

Sta. 5 – Speed Check – Pick and place grips cushion clips and lift and rotates part up to test position. Pneumatic cylinder pushes grip to the open position then cylinder retracts and part is timed to return to the closed position.
Sta. 6 – Cover Load – Grip is held down in the pallet as cushions are gripped and rotated to the open position. Covers are fed from gravity chutes to pick and place units which insert them into the pre-installed position on the cushions.

Sta. 7 – Color Check and Unload Rejects – Parts are scanned with imaging system to verify that the proper color cushions were assembled to the corresponding grips. If colors do not match or part failed previous speed check then pallet is indexed to pick and place which unloads part to a gravity chute where the part drops into a storage bin.

Sta. 8 – Unload Parts – Parts are removed from palletized conveyor with pick and place that deposits the finished part onto the appropriate indexing storage belt conveyor. Operator scans pick ticket with Kanban card reader and the requested parts are fed from storage belt conveyors to unload belt conveyor and then to the operator for pack out.

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