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Proposal Phase


Our years of experience are invaluable due to extensive project exposure to a variety of applications in multiple industries and our understanding of processes. By leveraging our team you can submit ideas to your customers that you know will work based on our experience. It’s all part of our focus on winning our clients more deals while lowering their risk.


Lowering your design cost risk

Find cost savings ideas you can pass on to your customer to win more deals. We have a philosophy at Keystone Design that the only good idea is an idea that works. We have the experience, and skill to put the cost risk on ourselves and feel confident we will have an in budget design and happy clients we’ll burn our own midnight oil to ensure our ideas work.

Land more deals

Lowering your proposal costs should be a major consideration when selecting a design partner. Let Keystone Design become part of your proposal process. We give proposals that win deals, with a  best in class turnaround time, and we stand behind our work; our clients only pay us if the deal is won. Once again, we ensure success even before we begin the heavy lifting of design.


Let your customer know what they are going to get

We use SolidWorks to create 3D concept proposals to allow our client’s customer a better understanding of the equipment they will be purchasing.  This allows the end user a clear visual understanding that allows our clients to win more deals.