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Tub Rail Assembly Machine

The purpose of this machine is to rivet drawer slide rails to the sides of a dishwasher tub

Key components used:

  • Silent chain conveyor
  • BTM Tog-L-Loc joining system
  • Parker and PHD pneumatic cylinders and slide assemblies
  • Piab vacuum products

Simplified Sequence of Operation:

  1. Operator manually loads rails onto silent chain conveyor
  2. Tub comes into station and hits retractable stop
  3.  Conveyor transports rails to meter/stop that separates rails to 3” centers
  4. Overhead pick and place with vacuum tooling picks two rails off of conveyor and places them onto flip up tooling nest
  5. Flip up nest presents rails vertically to second pick and place
  6. Pick and place with vacuum tooling picks individual rails from flip up nests and places them into BTM Tog-L-Loc tooling
  7. Tub gets pumped up to stationary overhead locating tooling
  8. BTM unit cycles and joins rail to tub
  9. Tub lowers back onto conveyor